PHASA - Code of Conduct

Each member of PHASA shall commit himself, upon acceptance of membership, to this Code of Conduct whereby he:

•    shall promote and observe the Aims and Objects of PHASA, the provisions of the PHASA Constitution and its By-laws;
•    shall obey the laws of any country in which he operates at any time in professional hunting or related activities;
•    shall conduct himself in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality and shall not allow material gain to supersede such principles;
•    shall respect the natural resources of the country in which he hunts;
•    shall respect the rights and interests of property owners and local communities;
•    shall not misrepresent himself to clients or mislead clients in any way;
•    shall take every reasonable step to ensure that his clients receive the services contracted for, and to ensure their safety, comfort and satisfaction; and
•    shall not act in any manner that brings the good name of PHASA and it’s members into disrepute.

It is important to make sure that the professional hunter/hunting outfitter you are signing up with is a member of PHASA. In the event difficulties occur, there is very little assistance PHASA can provide if the professional hunter/hunting outfitter is not a PHASA member.