Video your Safari

Africa Safaris is not merely the hunting of trophies with a bow or rifle. It is experiencing the vast wilderness of Africa, breathing its atmosphere, living it and collecting a lifetime of memories.

A picture can speak a thousand words, but it is the memories behind it that tells the story. Sitting around the campfire under the African sky after a hard day of hunting, discussing the days exciting events are some of the memories that you will take with you when last you part with our continent.

Memories you can share with friends and family. What if you could relive those memories taking home the excitement of the hunt. Phillip Bronkhorst Safaris has a full time videographer that will accompany you on your African safari, documenting your every step. The professional well trained and experienced cameraman, with not only a passion for hunting, but a passion for creating live memories, will ensure an exciting and memorable hunting DVD, allowing you to relive your African memories with friends and family.

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