Description of Mozambique Hunting Area

Mozambique is generally described as the best new destination Africa has to offer. Phillip Bronkhorst Safaris use concession areas in the very unique  Marrameu Complex and have been hunting these areas since 1998. Marrameu is situated south of the Zambezi river and consist of several Coutada’s or Hunting Blocks. Depending on species and availability specific blocks will be used where you can hunt several hundred thousands of  acres containing swampland, grassland and scattered thick broad leaf forest, all once being the hunting grounds of  famous hunters like Wally Johnson and Harry Manners. Bordering the Marromeu Buffalo Reserve and many miles of the Indian Ocean, these area lies along the Mozambique coastline where the Zambezi River flows into the sea.

General Introduction

Mozambique is generally known as a war torn country full of landmines, howe ever since the stop of the civil war almost 2 decades ago hunting opened up around 1995 and is only getting better each year. To the north Mozambique is bordered by Tanzania, to the west by Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa and the east by the Indian Ocean. A wide range of plains game occurs in Mozambique plus four of the big five – Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo - which could be hunted while on safari. Everything is free ranging and species that is high priority is Nyala, Sable, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Livingston Suni and Eland, Red Blue and Common Duiker, Oribi, Common Reedbuck, Warthog, Bushpig, Zebra, Waterbuck and Chobe Bushbuck to name but a few. Arrival point is Johannesburg, from where a charter or commercial airline could be taken to take you to Beira on the Eastern side of Mozambique from where you again will charter into camp 20 minutes away. PBS operate in Coutada 10, a 600 000 acre hunting block granted by the Mozambique Government.

Base camp, situated almost in the very northern part of the concession is approximately 130 ft above sea level, which is only about 40 km away. Hunting is done in areas that vary from savannah, riverine areas, swamp and grass plains.

Luxury Safari accommodation consisting of luxury Wooden Log Cabins and typical East African Style tents with bathrooms ensuite. 220Volt Electricity is available in all camps at night. The bush chef will prepare meals consisting mostly of venison, vegetables and fruit from the area. A bar is available and before arrival in camp you will inform us what you wish to have in camp.
Laundry is done on a daily basis.

Pick-up is done from Johannesburg International Airport Phillip Bronkhorst Safaris agent. Due to flight schedules arrival day will be spent in a guest lodge close to OR Tambo Airport from where you will fly out the next day en-route to camp via Beira. From Beira you would charter to camp. Departure day consist of an early morning flight to Beira and then to OR Tambo Airport where you will depart to your home destination.

Hunting usually starts in June 1 since it rains before that. Hunting is done until late October before the rains start again. Temperatures ranges from around 50 f at night to 85 f during the day. It is advised to bring raingear along since you might experience rainstorms. Day temperatures could be very humid.
Species List

Plenty of plains game occurs in the area and four of the big five could be added onto that. See also the Mozambique pricelist

Keep in mind malaria is an everyday occurrence like the rest of Africa. See your doctor for medical advise. With the chartered plane in camp you are always sure of a safe flight out to a doctor or hospital if needed.

Communications with camp is via satellite phone, or radio. It is advisable to bring your own Satellite phone with.

Trophies are field prepared in camp from where it is shipped to a local taxidermist. From South Africa your trophies will either be dipped and shipped to your taxidermist or you can have it mounted in South Africa.
Terms of Business

Since we work on a system of first come first serve it is required from you to book your preference list well in advance You are therefore required to do a 50% deposit of your daily rate, which is not refundable. This must be done almost 12 to 15 months in advance but late cancellations could also help you getting into an area on short notice. Daily rates must be paid up before the safari starts and the rest of the trophy fees is payable at the end of the safari.

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